Let's work together and create clothes that won't end up in someone's pyjama drawer.

I offer exclusive services including vintage printing & custom garment dying. If you're sick of boring merch and want apparel that sparks conversations, look no further.

Intentional Merch Design

Unique & Memorable

I'm not just a screen-printer, technically I'm a fashion designer. My approach is design focused and hands on, meaning you get clothing that is thoughtful and impactful.

Premium Apparel

Let's be honest, no one wants another ill-fitting, scratchy t-shirt or thin, pilly hoodie. Invest on clothing people will reach for time and time again.

Creating favourite t-shirts

You know the feeling when you put on your favourite shirt? The one that's just right - soft, a little worn in but hangs beautifully. You reach for it when you want to feel comfortable, when you want to showcase your personal style, and when you want to feel the most like yourself. I want everyone to feel like that every time they put on a piece made by Single Double. 

Your brand deserves unique, impactful apparel that people dig through the laundry to find. 

Anything less isn't worth your money.

Second Rodeo Tee

vintage made

Vintage Made apparel is the perfect way to highlight the unique, authentic spirit of your brand. All the things you love about vintage clothing, with custom graphics made to stand out. Cool right?

single double original

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is water based screen printing?

What is water based screen printing?

Water-based screen printing utilizes inks that are composed of pigments dissolved in a water-based solution. When water-based ink is applied to fabric, the water acts as the medium to transfer the pigment onto the material. After application, the water content in the ink evaporates through a curing process, leaving the pigment bonded with the fabric fibres.

Why choose water based over other methods?

Why choose water based over other methods?

  • Eco-Friendly: Water-based inks are more environmentally friendly than plastisol, which is composed of PVC and plasticizer chemicals. Water-based inks, on the other hand, are free from PVC and phthalates, making them a gentler option for the environment. 
  • Softer Hand: Water-based inks soak into the fabric, leaving a much softer touch. This can be especially desirable for garments intended for comfort and extended wear, where the stiffness of plastisol prints can be noticed.
  • Breathability: Because water-based inks dye the fabric and do not form a layer on top, the printed area allows for better breathability. This is particularly appreciated for active wear and in hot climates.
  • Durability: When properly cured, water-based prints can be incredibly durable. While many assume plastisol is the most durable option, water-based inks can actually create a longer-lasting print that ages with the fabric, rather than peeling or cracking over time.
  • Vintage Effect: Water-based inks are ideal for achieving a vintage or faded look; it’s easier to manipulate the ink to get a distressed or washed-out appearance.
  • Versatility: Water-based inks can be used on a variety of textiles including cotton, blends, and even some synthetics, providing versatility for different project needs.

Can I use any type of fabric with water based screen printing?

Can I use any type of fabric with water based screen printing?

Water based screen printing is a versatile printing method and can be applied to a large number of textile makeups including 100% cotton, cotton blends, linen, bamboo, hemp and other speciality fabrics.

Are there any limitations to the design or colours with this method?

Are there any limitations to the design or colours with this method?

Due to the thinner nature of water-based inks, there are some limitations that need to be considered when printing with this medium. Since these inks are absorbed into the textile, they can be subdued when placed on dark backgrounds and therefore there is less vibrancy that can be achieved on darker fabrics. This also applies to printing certain shades of colours because they can be influenced by the colour of the fabric they’re printed on. Almost all of the time of these things can be overcome with creativity in design and expertise in the printing process.


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