Single Double

Screen printing + merch design for brands with intention

Your brand deserves unique, impactful apparel that people dig through the laundry to find. I create clothing that people truly love to wear through intentional design, premium quality materials and sustainable practices. Each piece is infused with the care and craftsmanship that can only be achieved through Single Double's hands-on approach and exclusive vintage printing options.


Female Owned & Operated

Every aspect of your order is personally handled by me. Who am I? 
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Eco-Friendly Printing Technology

I only offer eco-friendly print services - no plastisol here. I use water-based inks for colour prints and a carbon neutral, algae based ink for black prints.

Sustainable Blanks

Combating the world's fast fashion problem, I have curated a selection of premium, sustainable & ethically made clothing you can feel good about purchasing.

Vintage Made Apparel

Unique to Single Double, Vintage Made apparel is the use of blank vintage garments as the base for printing and embroidery. These pieces are all genuine vintage, custom made for your brand for a one-of-a-kind merch line.

Circular Business Model

Single Double's Double Back garment recycling program ensures that 100% of textiles returned are recycled, not donated. Bring back any unwearable & unwanted clothing and receive an eco-initiative discount on your order!

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