Meet Dominique

My version of a power suit is a vintage t-shirt and a pair of great jeans. If you're reading this then I'm betting yours is probably something like that too.

As far as formal qualifications go, I hold a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication and a certificate in Digital Media Marketing. Basically, I'm skilled in areas that are complimentary to screen printing: graphic design, sustainable fashion, colour theory and textile science. Plus, I can back it up with some very expensive pieces of paper that hang on my wall.

I taught myself to screen print because I couldn't find anyone who was willing to print on vintage garments. In my pursuit to utilize vintage blanks, I quickly realized the industry standard for screen printing practices are incredibly toxic, wasteful and unsustainable. Pivoting slightly from my original plan, my mission became finding a way to produce clothing without the harmful environmental impacts without compromising quality or style.

I truly believe that an incredible t-shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own & that we can change the world by producing ethical, sustainable t-shirts, one at a time.

one t-shirt at a time

vintage obsessed

I have an education in textile science, colour theory and graphic design. I have also extensively studied sustainability in the apparel industry, making me a uniquely qualified screen printer.

bachelor of design (fashion communication)

I am of the opinion that everything used to be made better, more interesting, and with more attention to detail. Let's bring that back.

do you have a favourite t-shirt too? that's how all this got started.

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